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If you’re around Ingrid Andresen Lindfors for a moment, you will notice that she is an artist with a passion for color.  She is constantly observing the sky, the clouds, the weather and  how the light might be changing.  Add the blues and greens of the ocean to that color pallet and you'll see the myriad of textures and colors that inspire Ingrid’s canvases.   

Her design aesthetic is defined by the clean lines of her Scandinavian upbringing, the bright colorful influences of southern Florida and California, and the urban subculture of NYC in the 80’s.   After spending her surfing competition days in Malibu, Ingrid’s free-form artistic style evolved while living in New York’s lower east side, participating in the Rivington School art scene and graduating from the School of Visual Arts.

Her contemporary art is an unexpected mix of various materials, in arrangements of linear planes of bright color and complexity.   

Ingrid's photographic work  includes stunning b&w hand printed images that reveal subtleties in her subjects beyond their immediate appearance.  Her exceptional skill as a seasoned b&w darkroom printer bring layers of depth and beauty to her work. 

Her brightly colored photo-collage art is deeply inspired by her love of the sea and  bring the viewer’s own relationship with the ocean into sharper focus. Ingrid's work has been shown in galleries around the world and is found in numerous private collections and exclusive ocean/lifestyle boutiques.